Unlike other patrolling software, Armfort seamlessly connects mobile patrols, incident reporting,  and more — saving you time and money while delivering data-rich information in real time so you can always make informed decisions. Increase accountability and efficiency of officers in field.


Back End Operation

Collecting pertinent incident reporting information has never been easier with Armfort Security reporting solution. Automate the distribution of report notifications and digitize all your reporting. Add value to your services and mitigate the overall risk level at their site. Maximize your service buyer's return on their security budget by suggesting the optimal use of security solutions.

Learn and Train On the Go

Armfort Security Workforce also provides eLearning technology for officers on the ground to learn about latest threats around the world. Learning on the go allows officers to apply knowledge immediately on the job


Track Officer's Training

Unlike other patrolling solution, Armfort is able to track your officers training and see their progression in a glance. Couple with business intelligence to know which training each officer is lacking.  Retain your officers on the ground with rewards that Armfort recommend.

Dynamic GPS

Provide real-time visual of your entire operations to ensure officer safety and to increase efficiency. Provide accountability to your clients.  Geo-fences with automated alerts ensure that you're always aware of what's happening on site. Access a full history of site activity anytime, from anywhere.

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Armfort Security Workforce


Real time attendance taking to support remote supervision. Links with payroll management


Live updates on officer's movement


Real time updates of incidents with images


Recording of visitor details through mobile app


Ensures sustainable manpower by rewarding your officers.

Training Progression

Track officers developmental training according to PWM


Secured system to facilitate training anytime, anywhere

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