Security Guard Route System: Guardian Suite

Enable you to collate the report of the route progress, attendance takingand incident report made by the security guards.

Dynamic Security Workforce Tracking

With Armfort, you’ll be well-informed with details about your guard's whereabouts. GPS is used to track and display the location og the guard's with real-time update. Modules like check in and route allow the guard's to take attendance when reporting to work and the path they have to follow in order to complete their task. Supervisors will receive the a report that collate all the date from the guard's input

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Live Dashboard

Centralised Field Operation View

GPS Tracking

Track your personnel in real-time


Establish restricted and accessible zones

Dynamic map view

View personnel locations on map

Solitary worker

Safeguard your lone employees

Panic Button

Emergency button to connect guards to employees

Automated SMS and email alerts

Push notifications on field incident

Checkpoint tour

Establish digital checkpoints for guards to scan on patrol

Post order acknowledgement

Ensure your guards have taken notice of post orders

Watch mode

Catch a live feed of your personnel

Message board

Communicate with your fronline

Client portal

Share an operational view with your clients

Live monitoring of your security guard operations

Make sure your guards have the tools they need to perform an efficient guard tour. With Armfort’s Guarding Suite, you can establish checkpoints with NFC, QR Code, GPS, as well as manual check-ins, and leave instructions for your guards at each checkpoint.You can also verify that your guards received the information they need by using the post order acknowledgement feature. If you need to contact your guards, communicate with them via the Armfort Message Board and give clients as much real-time access to your security operations as you want with the Client Portal.